Dr. Mee Park provides comprehensive psychiatric services for adult men and women in the Suburban Philadelphia area. The office is located in Jenkintown, PA, an approximately 30 minute drive or train ride north from Center City, Philadelphia. As an ABPN Board Certified, licensed psychiatrist she provides both individualized psychotherapy as well as evidence-based psychopharmacology services in order to alleviate an individual’s struggle.
Dr. Park has particular expertise in trauma-related problems, and has extensive knowledge in the pharmacological management and psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma. She also has significant interest and experience in addressing interpersonal relationship difficulties, whether they are in the realm of work, social, and/or romantic relationships. Dr. Park also has an interest in women's mental health, and in particular, helping women navigate the various transitions they may experience in the course of their life. However, Dr. Park is experienced in treating a wide range of psychiatric conditions and concerns.